Great ideas for Christmas Gifts!

Hi everyone,

how are you all doing? Currently, in London it’s cold, windy and stormy and I literally want to stay at home all day sipping coffee and tea and browsing the Internet. By the way, last Sunday I tried the Cacao Cappuccino from Hotel Chocolat on High Street Kensington and it was seriously so good and yummy! The smooth yet intense cacao aromas were nicely blended with the milk foam  and had a velvety mouthfeel. If you find a shop, go in and try it! Psss, I also loved the cup, so I went back in and asked for a second one which I now use for my pens and pencils!

Cacao Cappuccino from Hotel Chocolat

So, I’ m after some cool and fun Christmas gifts for family and friends and I remembered that I popped in John Lewis the other day and i was really impress with some of the new things they’ve put on their shelves.

I got a lot of inspiration and ideas and I wanted to share my findings with you!

Off we go:

The first thing that caught my eyes was this uber-cute Two of a Kind 2 piece bar set by Kate Spade! The bottle opener is this amazingly looking bow and the bottle closer a pair of black, stylish glass. I think they both look amazing and the set would be a great gift for the drink lovers.

The bow-bottle opener
The black glasses-bottle closer

Coming up next is something that I have never seen or heard of before but it’s extremely useful and brilliant; the Sagaform Drink Stones! As you can see on the photo below, the manufacturers suggest it as gadget for the whiskey drinkers but I personally think that you can pretty much use it in any drink that you want to keep cold or bring it in a cooler temperature without diluting all its aromas and unique organoleptic qualities. You just need to wash them, put them in the freezer and you can use them anytime you feel like cooling your drink down a bit. They look quite polish and neat, plus they come in a nice velvety case. But if you are one of those who find this extra pleasure in listening the nice cracking noise of the ice-cubes when you pour the drink over them, then I hear you. I love it too!

20131026-132914.jpgAs I used to travel a lot and now I kinda miss it, this travel kit stood out from every other similar kit I have either used or seen. The NPW Inflight Comfort kit includes an inflatable jersey neck pillow, a jersey eye mask, a soft foam earplugs and a jersey drawstring pouch. So if you have a friend who travels frequently or just loves getting all comfy when traveling, this is the perfect gift!

Bon voyage with the NPW Inflight comfort kit
The perfect relaxing kit for traveling

Now back to the food related gifts (they have a special place in my hear); I especially liked these two platters. The quality is very good and their design is minimalist and polished. The one on the left is a Savour Platter with 2 dip dishes and the right one is a Savour dipping platter.You can create an extra buzz on the table when having friends over with blending different colors and textures or you can simply use them when you’re not into cooking proper dinner and you want to indulge in cheeses and aromatic olive oil with freshly baked bread. *opens fridge, looking for Camembert*

John Lewis’s Savour Platters

As cheese is one my favourite things in the entire world, I couldn’t help but notice this lovely Cheese Knives Set from Arthur Price Kitchen. I love all kinds of miniatures (I have a collection of perfume miniatures) and therefore this set of mini cheese knives is a match made in heaven! They are very stylish and bring a modern note on every table. Perfect for dinner parties and all types of gatherings. Just look at it and tell me you don’t love it! NO, is not an answer…

Great packaging by APK
The 4 Piece Cheese Knives Set
The 4 Piece Cheese Knives Set

For those of  you who enjoy being surrounded by colourful things I found the following:

First comes this really amazing and joyful range of pillows. If you think in re-decorating your house and want to bring a fresh breeze of air into your old furniture, go check out the “hipster” look of the la cerise sur le gâteau range! I mean, look at them! They are so adorable and funky. The following three are my absolute favourites but you check their website because they have the most cool stuff! Summing it up in 3 words: Oh la la!

Smile!    20131026-133014.jpg Wear cute shoes when riding a bicycle

Last but not least, a notebook by Eams Office! This one has colourful crayons (image form the Eames House of Cards) on its hard cover and  ruled pages. I am not one of those people who always a carry a notebook in their bags and write in it when i go to Starbucks or “indy” coffee shops but I love having a journal where I write any ideas that pop in my head or glue on their pages cards, tickets or polaroid photos. A diary for grown ups! This one I particularly liked is the one with the crayons brings back the memories of endless hours of drawing  when I was kid and the smell of crayon on my hands. Quite nostalgic actually.

Eames House of Cards Small Notebook

These were my favourite gift ideas that I found in John Lewis last Sunday.

Some people might say that this post seems like a “wishlist” but they obviously don’t know my altruistic and giving nature! Just joking!

So, if you have any Christmas gift ideas, I would love to know them! You can comment below or share the link of your Christmas Ideas post 🙂

Au revoir!

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