Spring Wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – oh, you dazzling Kiwi!

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - Michelle Richardson & Mt Beautiful wines
Smells like Spring Spirit!

March has finally arrived and boy, how gorgeous was London on this fine Sunday morning! I was actually woken up by the constant tweeting of a little bird, which made me think that life is great and that Spring must be just around the corner! I literally suffer during Winter and i just can’t wait to smell the blooming flowers and the warm breeze.


“Wake up its a beautiful morning,
Feel the sun shining for your eyes.
Wake up its so beautiful,
For what could be the very last time.”, The Boo Radleys

Now that I got this off my chest, let’s go back to the original post. One of the reasons I love Spring so much is that the temperature is perfect now to enjoy more fruity/floral and generally more playful wines. One of the wines I particularly enjoy sipping on warmer March afternoons is  Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand! I think this is a brilliant wine to try if you’re looking for a dry, fruity and surely refreshing one. It is a very easy-going and easy-drinking wine – it’s almost difficult to find someone who doesn’t like it. Much like Kelly Taylor from 90210.

What I find particularly interesting about NZSB (let’s just make it shorter) is that it’s one of these types of wine that has pretty much created a frenzy and has a dedicated following. It’s just so widely available and generally fairly priced. But the main reason is that it’s quite appealing and quite expressive with a varied fruit and vegetal spectrum depending on which region it comes from.

Marlborough is the NZSB kingdom, this is where the magic started. Due to the warmer and milder growing conditions, the wine bouquet is full of ripe gooseberry, juicy melon and sweet nectarine aromas with a rather appealing freshness on the palate!

Heading a bit more to the South over to North Canterbury , you find that their SB, which grows under cooler conditions is showing different aromas and flavours. You will be surprised how the aromas of juicy nectarine and melon are replaced by green peppers, tomato stalks (no joke, every time I make a tomato salad I think of Sauvignon Blanc), fresh cut grass and interestingly, passion fruit! It’s really fresh and mouthwatering making it the ideal pair for seafood and shellfish, yumm!!

For your reading pleasure and only *crossing fingers behind the back*, I tasted two lovely wines from the 2 regions mentioned and each of those adds an intriguing twist to the more classic-like profile of the wine.

Michelle Richardson SB: This is a truly explosive Marlborough SB. Staying true to its roots, it delivers a fascinating bouquet of gooseberry and ripe melon aromas followed by bell pepper hints and just a breeze of fresh-cut grass. Really pure fruit and very fresh on the palate. I imagine myself sipping it on a warm Spring afternoon on a terrace with a smile on my face.

Some extra info: 20% of this wine was fermented by wild yeasts. You know the yeast you buy at the shop for baking bread; that one is called commercial yeast, because you can purchase it. Wild yeast, however, lives in the winery environment and and it can start the fermentation of the grape must. It make the mouthfeel more silky and adds texture.

Mt Beautiful SB, North Canterbury: This is not your typical Marlborough SB. Zesty notes and fresh passion fruit aromas dominate the nose along with tomato stalks hints.  Very crisp and lively on the palate with a nice, mouthwatering minerality coming from stony/steely flavors. Really refreshing and discretely aromatic. Anytime, anywhere – very drinkable!

Some extra info: The owners want to introduce a new style of NZSB by focusing on the fruit purity and toning down the vegetal notes. The vines are planted on the northern side of the vineyard, so they can benefit from cooler temperatures.

Just to add that both wines, as many NZ wines, are closed with a screw-cap which makes them great “fridge wines”, ie. you can pop them in the fridge and keep enjoying them for the next 3-4 days! Let me know if you like Sauvignon Blanc from NZ and what are some of your favorites?

Follow on Bloglovin Note: Both wines were tasted at a Quality Check Tasting at the company I work for. I am only featuring them on the blog because I think that they are good representations of the warmer and cooler climate NZSB and I also like them a lot!

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8 thoughts on “Spring Wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – oh, you dazzling Kiwi!

  1. Out of all the Sauvignon Blancs I have tasted, and means a great many from around the world, literally, I love the New Zealand SB the best. As you said, the floral notes, the fruit, the crispness of the wine, all so delightful. Reminds me of Gravenstein apples, perfect in their crispness, not overly sweet, and pare well with blue cheeses. Marlborough is the place for SB, it would be nice to visit one day.

    1. Hello William, thank you very much for stopping by. I couldn’t agree with your comment more.Crisp and fresh, yet elegantly complex and delicious! I haven’t visited Marlborough yet, but I would love to one day, too. I imagine it smelling like gooseberry & apples, hehe! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your wine notes are awesome. I have been trying to find some of these in our liquor stores (In Canada). Not always successful.

    1. Oh, you are too kind and you just made my day, thank you very much. Next up will be a Greek wine, ideal for fish pairing. From what I know, you get some really nice Greek wine in Canada. *crossing fingers*

  3. Many thanks for the like on my blog, on a side note The Boo Radleys and I grew up in the same town and we all used to hang around the same shop buying cheep wine and cider, sorry lol no taste in wine back then but maybe good taste in music 🙂

  4. Yassou Effi-How wonderful to find your site! Your name caught my eye and i wondered if you are Greek…( i am greek/american) Bravo Sou!! Great writing, information and a unique point of view.. I live in New England..work as an event designer& producer. I have worked with the Spinazolla Foundation and the Food & Wine Fest here in Boston for over a dozen years..After a few years break they are now planning a “reunion’ event in January of 2016 and have asked me to design/produce so im back in the swing of investigating new and unique things to present and promote.. Soooo excited to find the rich treasures in your site. Looking forward to following you.. Best wishes for continued success and happy sipping and ‘sinning’ 🙂 Look forward to more!! Best,estelle speros macdonald.

    1. Yassou Estelle, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and your super nice comments, I am really grateful. Your work sounds amazingly interesting and so eventful. I just checked your blog and of course followed as I really enjoyed your posts. How exciting that a 2016 adventure is coming up, I wish you enjoy it to the fullest and I will surely keep up with your posts and see how the Boston Food & Wine Fest will turn out. Again, thank you very much for your comments, you brought a smile upon my face and I hope that they upcoming ones shall not disappoint you 🙂 Best wishes, Effi🍷

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