Amalia Brut by Tselepos Wines

Fancy an aromatic bubbly this summer?

Would you rather try an indigenous variety and taste a different kind of wine from the Peloponnese, a land full of ancient myths and beautiful landscapes?

I first tried Amalia Brut by Tselepos Wines this past Christmas and has become a dinner-table favourite since then.

This delicious sparkler is made of Moschofilero grapes, a distinctively aromatic variety closely associated with the wine region of the Peloponnese and especially Mantinia. Yannis Tselepos decided to create this sparkling wine by  Méthode Traditionnelle from grapes coming from their family owned vineyard in Perpatiara (Tegea, Arcadia, Greece). It is important that the fruit going for the production of the base wine is picked earlier so that it contains lower sugar levels and consequently forms lower alcohol and gives a refreshing mouthfeel.

Elegantly perfumed with notes of apricot, peach and waxed lemons with mouthwatering freshness! The floral signature of Moschofilero with its delicate jasmine, rose notes and its fine, persistent bubbles make it a delicious fizz!

Amalia on our Easter Table

You can find it through  HERE

Enjoy the bubbles!

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