London Greek Wine Festival 8th-9th October 2016

I am incredibly excited about this post!

2016 will be the second year that the London Greek Wine Festival is taking place in the UK under the leadership and guidance of Theodore Kyriakou, co-owner and founder of The Greek Larder.

Last year, the Greek wine producers and the festival’s guest were lucky enough to be greeted  and welcome by  Jancis Robinson OBE, MW and Julia Harding MW. This coming October, the festival ambassador is Olly Smith, a multi award-winning wine expert,  TV personality, author and columnist.

My sources are telling me that the festival will expand this year so a new place was chosen for it to take place, he beautiful West Handyside Canopy in Kings Cross N1.

The London Greek Wine Festival  will not only introduce you to the uniquely delicious and autochtonous grape varieties of Greece but will also tempt to you to taste divine Greek food and all that in an uplifting, joyous atmosphere . You are going to be properly spoiled  with the amazing selection of 150 amazing wines to try from some of the country’s best  wine producers. As soon as the final program is announced, I shall make sure to update this post, because you wouldn’t want to miss the in-depth masterclasses and the various stocks. Believe me.

I heat that a whole char-grilled lamb (or  more!) will make an appearance accompanied by delicious suckling pig and a plethora of other delights. Things are going to get shaken up by the London Greek Collective who will present us with live music and dancing. Saturday night will be a proper Greek fiesta, so put your dancing shoes on!

Olly said: “Join me at this year’s Greek Wine Festival on 8th and 9th October and taste your way around the glory of Greece. With the best producers, top food and a warm hearty welcome, come and explore the depth of Greek wine with its enthralling creativity springing from several thousand years of viticulture. These fabulous flavours are part of an unfolding story that surprises, tantalises and reveals a whole cast of characters. With a tale behind every bottle and a style to suit every palate, raise your glass to discovering the greatest of Greece.

Theodore Kyriakou said, “We are so thrilled about this exciting and independent festival devoted to unearthing the dazzling array of wines from native country. Our passion has always been to champion, promote and serve the very best Greek food and wine. This philosophy has always been integral to the values at our restaurant. So naturally our festival and joyful celebration of the best Greek food and wine will shine through this event. I can’t wait to show guests the true colour and vibrancy of Greece.”

Some highlights from last year:

The Masterclass was about to begin
It got pretty busy!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Festival!


Early bird tickets are now available to buy HERE

£10 online in advance at or on the door on the day.

Join the fun on Twitter!

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