Vermouth di Torino by Pio Cesare: a secret family recipe

IMG_0318I’ve always liked a good Vermouth. Either straight up or in a refreshing martini 🍸, a delicious Vermouth would always float my boat 🚣🏻 (I love this expression!). So when Mr. Pio, of Pio Cesare wines, announced that they are going to revive his great grandfather’s secret family recipe, I was stunned because I knew it would be something special!

Pio Boffa with his daughter, Federica, who is the mastermind behind the gorgeous packaging!

Well, take my advice on this and treat yourself to one of the 1.000 bottles produced in 2016 – the Pio Cesare Vermouth Di Torino is incredible! Notes of bitter orange marmalade and candied orange 🍊 peel blended with a seductive selection of 26 aromatic herbs such as marjoram leaves, gentian roots and orange zest. Notes of dehydrated apple 🍎 , dried apricot and peach 🍑
This is not your typical Vermouth but an explosion of attractive aromas, rich mouthfeel and an appetisingly bitter, astonishingly lingering finish. Try it in the classic “Piedmontese style” with just some lemon zest! Mr. Pio told me that he vividly remembers his grandmother and mother gather around the garden at around five o’clock in the evening and they would pour themselves and their friends a little bit of Vermouth in a small glass and they would enjoy it slowly with a little piece of freshly baked bread, a bit of butter and maybe anchovies on top. His grandmother was also the one who confirmed that the Vermouth recipe was perfectly recreated after almost 20 years, after many a trial!
The herbs are macerated for 15 days in top quality alcohol and are enhanced with the addition of white wine, made of hand-picked Chardonnay and Moscato d’Asti, followed by 4 months ageing in oak barrels.
The newly re-released Vermouth will be launched in late April and will be available in selected retailers.

And… you are welcome! Salute!

PS. If and when you find Pio cesare Vermouth di Torino sold in your town/city/country/online retailer, please kindly comment below so that we can gather as many stockists in the comments section as possible! Grazie mille!

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8 thoughts on “Vermouth di Torino by Pio Cesare: a secret family recipe

  1. I tasted it today at the end of my New Year’s Eve dinner, it is amazing. Rich and complex, deliciously sweet, an explosion of flavours, I immediately bought a bottle, I need it at home!

    1. It really is gorgeous! i love how the newest generation is actively involved in a product that was launched since the founding of the winery. It has a certain Gatsby-character to it. Do let me know how you like it when you try it. 🙂

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