Wines at Xmas #16 – Effi Tsournava [Guest Post]


On New Year’s day, families in Greece break a big, juicy pomegranate just outside their front door so that their year is filled with health, wealth and prosperity. The more seeds scattered on the floor, the luckier the year will be.

I also believe in filling your year with great pleasures and one of them is my personal favorite that is wine!

It was a such a huge pleasure being invited by Franky to share my thoughts on my most beloved Christmas wines! A longer version of my Christmas Wine List coming up soon!

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Frankly Wines

For winelovers, Christmas is a time when we look forward to drinking – and even sharing – a special bottle or two.  This might be a classic wine with traditional fare or just something different we’ve wanted to try for a while.  I asked some wine loving friends what they were looking forward to and they have kindly agreed to write a blog post for me.

Effi Tsournava works in the UK wine trade and is currently Brand Manager at ‎Maisons Marques et Domaines Ltd.  She is also an established wine blogger at

Two wines to elevate your Christmas festivities game

2017 must have been the quickest year of my whole life!

It sound like such a cliché but I HONESTLY feel like Christmas was just a few months ago but certainly not almost 12 months ago! For this feeling of complete restlessness, I enjoy blaming my…

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