Dom Perignon 2006 – what a beauty!

The superb Dom Perignon 2006

Last Friday’s night celebrations included this marvellous vintage 2006 Champagne, courtesy of Monsieur @terrykandylis , Head Sommelier aT 67 Pall Mall!

May your weekend unravel as rich and creamy as this stunning Dom Perignon that didn’t hold back in both generosity and elegance.

Lemon zest blended with a dazzling cloud of smoke coming out of a Hollywood film noir.

Flinty and fresh – made me think of standing on river stones feeling refreshed by the cold, running water.

Toasty and creamy like France .

The air is filled with pastry like passing by the patisseries at the very early hours on your way back from a night out.

Fleshy Iike a juicy and ripe peach. Superb balance and rich body.

Seven days have passed and here I am, still thinking about it…

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