New Video: How to taste wine like a pro

How to taste wine
Tasting wine like a pro!

Does wine smell more than just…wine?

How do I taste wine properly?

What are the key steps to tasting wine like a pro?

There are all questions I frequently receive from both my friends and guests at tastings and masterclasses. If you are passionate about wine and enjoy playing games with your friends using your senses, check out my new YouTube video on the 5 steps to Tasting Wine Like a Pro! 

Find out why white wines may smell like winter snacks, when red wines become less and less opaque in colour and why do winelovers swirl their glass before trying the wine. Bonus tips on how to amplify the aromas and flavours in your mouth and identify them like a pro!

Plus, there are many similarities between meeting a new person and tasting a new wine – find them out by clicking the Play button below!


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Happy Tasting!


5 thoughts on “New Video: How to taste wine like a pro

    1. Thank you so much for watching! Well, just when you are at a show and you have to taste dozens and dozens of wine, then spitting is paramount – at least for me, otherwise I get all sleepy! What a great idea – I can certainly dive into that, thanks!

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