Valentine’s Day wines are not just rosé!

Until 2011, I used to be a Valentine’s Grinch:

  • Why don’t people celebrate their love everyday?
  • Why do we need the shops to be filled with hundreds of cringy red heart-shaped balloons and chocolates?
  • What happened to the REAL romance?

Valentine's Day Wines are not only rose!

Back then, I lived in Germany with the most brilliant bunch of wine ladies and colleagues of mine from  Vinifera Euromaster.  I don’t remember exactly what made me started ranting again about “the most commercial holiday” when my friend Brittany said something along those lines: “It’s just one more day for people to celebrate. if it makes them happy and gives them another reason to smile, then everything is good. Some people do need to get reminded about the value of their relationship from time to time”

And Brittany was so right.

And since then, every year when the Grinch inside me wants to jump out of my body and say something, Britt’s sweet and truthful words come to mind and a big smile gets on my face while I am watching couples or friends come together to celebrate love and companionship on the 14th of February.

However, I still get annoyed with the fact that the vast majority of wine publications and merchants recommend ONLY rosé wines for VD!

So, I grouped together some of my favourite wines for your Valentine’s Day celebrations! Yes, 2 of them are rosé.

Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV: Roederer’s continues search for excellence and purity has resulted in one of the most generous and complex NV blends that celebrates the art of blending! An expression of fine balance between youthfulness and maturity, with fine structure and elegance yet very lively and exuberant! Very satisfyingly creamy mousse with illuminating freshness. Balance, complexity and power – like the best of relationships!

Quarter Rosé NV: The signature elegance and top class quality or Roederer expressed in the nestled Mendocino County’s cool, fog-shrouded Anderson Valley. Filled with exuberant notes of crunchy red berries from pinot Noir blended with the floral character of Chardonnay topped up with lovely brioche character, this delicious sparkling reminds us that there is always a rainbow after the rain…

Domaines Ott Chateau Romassan Rosé 2016: A true Provencal wine encapsulating the French Mediterranean sea breeze with playful noes of white peach and apricot mixed with tropical flavours passion fruit and mango. Sipping on it almost makes you feel the sand between your feet – its revitalising freshness gives the joy of catching the object of your desire glancing at you.

Castiglion del Bosco Brunello 2012: Sangiovese’s pure fruit purity blended with tongue-coating texture and seductively silky mouthfeel after spending 24 months in French oak barrels. Rich aromas of juicy and ripe black cherries mingle with beautiful aromas of exotic spices, French tobacco and leather. An Italian wine that will elevate your dish in the most elegant and powerful way with the Ferragamo signature. Generosity, affection and purity: the ingredients for a long-lasting, happy relationship.

Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Gris Grand Cru Kessler: Bright, fragrant and a glossy mouthfeel with exhilarating persistence and a kiss of attractive sweetness. A Pinot gris with fabulous bouquet of golden apple and yellow plum, a hint of cold honey and some savoury smoky character. This is such a multifaceted wine: you can either have it on its own after your meal but it will also take your fruit-pudding to the next level of satisfaction! Wonderful with creamy sauces and veal dishes too. Because relationships can also be hard and you need to be flexible to make them “sweeten up”.

What are you going to be drinking on this Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day wines are not just rosé!

  1. I’m very late to this post. Sorry. Rosé? I can’t get on with it – it has to be red! But – on Valentines Day (which I really like btw) – I have a heart shaped clear glass bottle (bought from a charity shop) that I fill with red wine for the centre of the table. It’s beautifully tacky like something an old Italian restaurant would do but it has become part of our Valentine routine.
    Also Pinot Noir – there is a theory that Pinot Noir replicates certain male sex hormones and is something of an aphrodisiac.
    So next year, maybe you should do a Pinot Noir themed selection?
    Anyway, interesting post as usual …..

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