Hello (again!)

Hi everyone!

Is there anybody here? I am so sorry for being so quiet for such a long time but it is with very good reason! We had a baby!

We find out on my birthday that we are going to be parents and last July, our baby girl Eirini came into this world and we welcomed her not just with open arms but with open hearts as well!

So, now we are a family of three!

The look of incredibly happy, grateful and tired parents!

I chose this incredible bottle by Hatzidakis, Familia 2018, to celebrate the arrival of our wonderful miracle, and we were so pleased it was as impressive and alluring as we remembered!

So, are you still around?

Are you still reading/writing blog posts?

What have you been up to during the long months of lockdown?

Have a good one,


13 thoughts on “Hello (again!)

  1. Welcome back – I’ve missed you! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful (and so well-named) daughter, and on your marriage!

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