Are you having any fun? Xinomavro and Burgers

“Are you having any fun?”

A daily reminder to ask myself when I take everything a bit too seriously! 

That’s one of the many reasons I thoroughly enjoy @apostolosthymiopoulos wines, he’s transmitting so much joy, energy and brightness through his Xinomavros. This PDO Naoussa “Earth & Sky” is such a legendary wine with a superstar quality; so easy to love without having to wait for years before enjoying a glass of this modern Xinomavro. Difficult to resist and so easy on the eyes…and nose… and tastebuds! A wine that revealed another identity of the indigenous Greek grape, filled with playfulness and charm closer to a younger Pinot Noir far from the more old-school Nebbiolo kind of profile with high tannins and more savoury notes. 

Crunchy pomegranate, juicy strawberries and Morrish cherries with a black pepper airy kiss . My favourite, homecoming-type of notes are the fresh oregano and Kalamata olives, yum! 

Find it on The Wine Society Website:

Or on Wine-Searcher for more retailers:

What’s your most fun wine & food pairing?

P.S. The Wine Society just launched their own-label Xinomavro made by Thymiopoulos and is currently on offer. Run, don’t walk! You can find it HERE


2 thoughts on “Are you having any fun? Xinomavro and Burgers

    1. How exciting! Apostolos is such a fantastic host! Please do send him and his wife, Eleftheria, my warmest regards! Looking forward to reading your thoughts after the visit.

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