Santorini Assyrtiko & Fantastic Mood

Give me an unfiltered, expressive and utterly saline, mouthwatering Assyrtiko from the volcanic soils of Santorini with its conserved lemons and summer white flowers oozing out of the glass and I’ll certainly be in a fantastic mood!

@hatzidakis_winery Famiglia is such an important wine to me; I first tasted it at Hatzidakis Canava in 2018. It was then when I visualized having a baby and it was in July 2020 when we held that baby girl in our arms and took one of our first family photos. Did I mention we called our daughter Eirini? Santorini=Santa Eirini (Irini) 🌞 it comes as no surprise surely that we opened yet another Famiglia bottle to celebrate her second birthday! 

Find this Cycladic gem of Hatzidakis Santorini Familia on Wine-Searcher

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